What are sprouts, and where do they come from?

A sprout is produced when a seed starts growing into a vegetable.

Sprouts can grow from the seeds of the vegetables above, from seeds of other vegetables, from grains such as buckwheat, and from beans.
Sprouts vary in texture and taste. Some are spicy (radish and onion sprouts), some are hardy and are often used in oriental food (mung bean), others are more delicate (alfalfa) and are used in salads and sandwiches to add texture and moistness.

Where to Find Sprouts

Inexpensive kits are available to grow sprouts. Seeds can be purchased at a health food store or at some groceries.

When you do not have the time to grow your own sprouts, purchase them at a local fruit and vegetable market, or in the fresh vegetable department of your supermarket. Those health food stores which sell produce are another source of sprouts.

Shopping for Sprouts

Sprouts are fresh when their roots are moist and white and the sprout itself is crisp.

Storing Sprouts

Store in the vegetable crisper of the refrigerator and use sprouts as soon as possible.

Rinsing daily under cold water can extend their life. Mung beansprouts can be frozen if they are to be used in cooking. They stay good frozen in their bag for several months.

How to enjoy your sprouts