Commercial sprout growers around the world are promoting their products in various ways. Here are some of them.

Hawaii, USA – Sprouts are incorporated into local cuisine. A brochure of Hawaiian sprout recipes was created for the 2013 ISGA Convention in Hawaii. The brochure includes information about sprout nutrition.

Download the Recipes from the Waikiki Chefs printable brochure.

Iceland – Katrin Halldora Arnadottir of Iceland has found a unique way to promote sprouts in her country. She has participated in a TV program which is part of a competition for entrepreneurs of new products. (Apart from alfalfa and mung bean sprouts, microgreens and other types of sprouts have not been produced in Iceland.) Her presentation was selected as one of the 30 out of 130 entrants which will be presented in the first part of the TV program.  The judges will select 6 out of the 30 entrepreneurs to follow to the end of their product’s development until it goes to market. This show will air in November 2015 and it is expected that half of the Icelandic nation will watch this TV program!

Katrin has also been using Facebook for promoting her sprout business.  See where you will find
professional quality pictures of sprouts with various kinds of food.  She has also gotten publicity by inviting guests for a sprout dinner as part of a feature in a gourmet magazine.  Katrin’s next goal is to publicize sprouts as part of an everyday menu for icelanders.

European Union – Jelle Kuijper of Evers Specials talks about how the vegetable sprout has developed since 2011. Evers Specials is the biggest bean sprout producer in Europe.

Consumption changes – Bean sprouts are used more and more in salads and Western dishes. Bean sprouts are an Asian product, so it’s no wonder Asian restaurants are the biggest buyers. According to Kuijper, those restaurants are moving more towards a concept where the customer can determine their own portions. “It turns out that the customer uses a lot fewer bean sprouts than the average wok chef, going for meat and prawns instead. On the other hand, there’s a trend of more and more bean sprouts being used in Western cuisine. To replace pasta, for instance, in the Taughetti recipe series, but also salads.”

Taughetti – Bean sprouts are not limited to a season, and are available year-round. At summer festivals, a Taughetti stand has been used to make consumers aware that bean sprouts can be used not only in the wok. “It can also be combined with other dishes. Pasta for instance. Taughetti is an extreme example of that. In this dish, bean sprouts really are the basis of the dish, a true ‘veggie’ shift, which is what everyone is looking for.”

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