The 24th ISGA Convention took place March 24 – 28, 2014 in Orlando, Florida – US

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ISGA 2014 Convention Presentations

The links below will take you to presentation material. The main topic of the presentation is enclosed in parenthesis.

Understanding and Managing the Risks of Sprouted Seeds by Don Schaffner
(risk management)

Sprouts Are Functional Foods by Steve Meyerowitz
(sprout nutrition and effect of sprouts upon diseases)

Sprout Specific Audit Program by Lydia E. Berry
(sprout safety)

Health Benefits of Edible Sprouts consumption by Melinda Marton
(sprouts as source of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients)

The Gene Revolution by Thierry Vrain
(genetically modified organisms)

Hippocrates:  Healing our World by Dr. Brian Clement
(sprout nutrition and health benefits)

Bacteriophage Applications in Food Production and Processing by Alexander Sulakvelidze
(sprout safety)

Produce Traceability by Ed Treacy
(traceability flowcharts and implementation plans by large supermarket and restaurant chains)

The Fresh Produce Industry by Jim Prevor
(product consumption, industry issues)

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Brotes de Tres Arroyos
A short video about the history of Argentinian sprout growers