The 22nd ISGA Convention took place in August 21 – 24, 2012 in Vancouver British Columbia – Canada

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ISGA 2012 Breakout Sessions

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ISGA 2012 Convention Presentations

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Welcoming Address by Bob Sanderson
(Sprout Industry)

Food Safety: USA – Panel by Barbara Sanderson
(Sprout Safety)

Seed Disinfection: have all options been explored? by Pascal Delaquis
(Seed Sanitation)

Urban Farming and Microgreens by Chris Thoreau

Filter Capture for Improved Spent Irrigation Water Sampling
by Bob Sanderson
(Sprout Safety)

The European Response to the 2011 STEC Outbreaks by Jim Hardy
(Sprout Safety Procedures)

USDA Sprout Audit Verification Programs
by Barbara Sanderson and Kathleen Staley
(Sprout Safety)

Bean Products in Qinhai Xining and Overview of Nutritional and Bioactive Compounds in Legumes and their Germinated Products
by Yu-fan KANG and Ruo-jun WANG
(Sales/Sprout Nutrition)

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Grantwriting (Panel Discussion) by Lolita Sereleas and Candice Appleby

New Container Advantages / ROI by Jonathon Hoff, Inline Plastics Corporation
(Packaging and Labeling)

Building A Culture of Food Safety by Candice Appleby
(Food Safety)

Keeping Calm in a Storm: Lessons Learned in BC’s Salmon Fishing Industry
by Colleen Dane
(Public Relations)

USDA Audit Program Proposal by Barbara Sanderson
(Safety Procedures)

What’s Up with Genetically Modified Alfalfa Seed? by Stephanie Greene

Pathogen Surveillance Program by Karl Kold and Andy Moreno
(sprout safety)

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