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Some Great Reasons To Join ISGA

The International Sprout Growers Association is the professional association of sprout growers and companies providing products and services to the Sprout Industry. ISGA has broadened its membership to include sprout consumers because they are as much a part of the healthy food movement as those who supply them with sprouts or seeds and home sprouting equipment.

The ISGA is active in educating and informing members about important issues impacting the sprout industry, representing growers’ interests before government regulatory agencies, and supporting scientific research that benefits the sprout industry.   ISGA is also active in spreading the word about the health benefits of sprouts and great ways to enjoy them.

Grower and Supplier Membership Benefits include:

  1. Sanitary guidelines for growing sprouts, the only multi-national industry guide on food safety for sprout growers. Included is information about growing, packing and storage of sprouts, sanitation, hazard analysis and critical point control plans, and plant and equipment design.
  2. The ISGA Membership Directory, containing valuable business and networking contacts.
  3. Access to the members only area of ISGA’s Website where you will find the latest industry news, regulatory information applicable to many countries, sanitation tips, and articles of importance to commercial growers and their suppliers.
  4. Industry Updates and informative mailings on current topics affecting the sprout industry, including updates on sprout research and governmental regulations from around the world.
  5. An annual convention for members of the sprout industry from around the world which provides technical sessions on marketing, business plans, packaging, food safety, sanitation, and sprout quality as well as trade exhibits and opportunities for networking with other sprout industry members. Attendees from Canada, the US, Mexico, South American, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific make the ISGA convention a truly global event.
  6. Access to resources, such as bibliographies of technical and research papers.
  7. Templates of nutritional information about various sprout products and mixes.
  8. Participation in industry sponsored research, regulatory and legal issues.
  9. American UPC Codes of various sprout products.
  10. Liaison to government agencies
  11. Networking resource
  12. Support and expertise for industry
  13. Education – Food safety, nutrition, research issues important to industry nationally and globally
  14. Exposure to new products and equipment
  15. Opportunity to work together to strengthen industry

Consumer Membership Benefits include:

  1.  A downloadable sprout recipe collection
    Included in each recipe is the nutrient content per recipe portion and the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for each nutrient.  The recipes fall into the following categories: salads, main dishes, pizza, sandwiches, soups and vegetables, omelets and quiches.
  2. An opportunity to become part of the healthy food movement and promote a transfer of knowledge among countries and individuals when you join the International Sprout Growers Association.
  3. Support of an industry of sprout growers which strives to inspire people from around the world to get healthy and stay healthy by eating a diet rich in nutrients.
  4. A coupon for a home sprouter and a free “Introduction to Sprouting” booklet that will be of help to home sprouters.


Conference attendees in Chatham, Massachusetts – 2018.
Conferences attendees in Victoria, Canada – 2017.
Conference attendees in San Juan, Puerto Rico – 2016.
Conference attendees in Rotterdam, The Netherlands – 2015.
Conference attendees in Orland, Florida – 2014.