The 23nd ISGA Convention took place from May 13 to 17, 2013 in Honolulu, Hawaii – US

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Convention Photos:

Convention attendees with cast of  Magic of Polynesia

Chefs present culinary sprout creations

ISGA 2013 Convention Presentations:

The links below will take you to presentation materials in PDF format. The main topic of the presentation is enclosed in parenthesis.

The Development of Chinese Sprouts Culture by Yufan Kang
(History of bean sprouts in China, and production technology in China’s sprout industry)

Soybean Sprout Promotion by Shoji Hayashi
Functionality research and marketing, including joint promotion with bean sprouts.
(sprout nutrition / marketing)

A New Day in Hawaii by Russell Kokubun
(agricultural renaissance in Hawaii with the stress on growing local foods)

Hawaiian Sprout Recipes by Chef Alan Tsuchiyama

HPC Foods, Ltd by Richard Vidinha

Marketing and Developing Brand Equity for your Sprout Company by Doug Harris

“Total Snap Web Marketing” by Carmen Wakeland

How to Survive and FDA Inspection by Jan Garner
(Sprout Safety)

Challenges in Introducing Alternative Seed Sanitation Methods in the US That Would Allow  Harmonization with Global Standards Requirements by Robert Sanderson
(Sprout Safety)

Updates on the Sprout Safety Alliance and the FDA’s New Proposed Requirements for Sprouts by Stephen Grove
(Sprout Safety)

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