ISGA Convention Presentations

The links below will take you to talks, lectures and workshops which were presented at past ISGA Conventions. Many of these links have appeared in separate newsletters over the years. We have combined them here for your convenience. We have also categorized them under the main headings of “Food Safety,” “ISGA Sprout Task Force,” “Health Properties of Sprouts,” “Sprout Recipes and Diet,” “Marketing Sprout/Sprout Markets,” and “Sprouts and the Environment.”

Some of the files are large. It is possible that it might take about a minute or more for the file to appear. Whether or not it takes that long is dependent on the speed of your broadband (cable, DSL, 3G or 4G wireless). It will take much longer for a file to appear when a phone dial-up connection is used. Most files are in PDF format which can be read by Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is installed on almost all computers. A few files are in PPT or PPTX format which can be viewed in PowerPoint.

Food Safety: Implementing Safe Practices

Food Safety: Bean Sprouts

Food Safety: Regulation

Food Safety: Research

ISGA Sprout Safety Task Force

Health Properties of Sprouts

Sprout Recipes and Diet

Marketing Sprouts / Markets for Sprouts

Sprouts and the Environment