Best practices refer to the production of sprouts that result in a healthy product.  The Sprout Safety Task Force and the Institute for Food Safety and Health (IFSH) collaborated with growers, suppliers, researchers and regulators to create the US Sprout Industry Best Practices document.

The Best Practices document  covers food safety management, documentation, traceability, control of physical hazards, sampling and testing programs, recall, self-audits, supplier program, buildings & equipment, worker health and hygiene, cleaning and sanitation, control of sprouting operations,  packing material, product labeling, allergen control, pest and animal control, waste management, storage, transportation to customer, and Food Defense Plan.

“US Sprout Industry Production Best Practices” is now available in the member area of the ISGA Website.   Click HERE to view, download, or print “US Sprout Industry Production Best Practices”.