Sprouts are incredibly versatile, and can incorporated into nearly any meal. They offer a boost of flavor, nutrition, and visual appeal. Hover over the images below to see some of our favorite ways to use the most popular varieties, scroll for more detailed recipes.


Crunchy and nutrient-rich with a mild taste, but great texture. Add to:

  • Sandwiches
  • Salads
  • Toss on top of eggs
  • Throw in a wrap
  • Try by itself with tasty balsamic vinegar


All the benefits of mature broccoli but with a milder, fresher taste.

  • Toss in a salad or wrap
  • Add to a cold noodle salad
  • Add to a stir-fry
  • Perfect in a smoothie

Mixed Beans

Attractive and versatile, with a robust flavor. A great garnish.

  • Toss in a salad
  • Try on your morning bagel
  • Add to a taco
  • Throw in a smoothie for a burst of nutrition


A delicious, crisp and nutty nutritious green.

Toss with a sweet mustard vinaigrette
Great with salads, wraps, sushi, & crackers with cream cheese

Pea Shoots

An attractive, frilly leaf that makes pea shoots perfect for garnishes.

  • Toss them into your stir-fry
  • Sauté on their own
  • Add to a taco

Images above courtesy of ISGA member, Eatmore Sprouts & Greens.

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