ISGA – Comments to FDA about Traceability 


For Immediate Release: Sept. 8, 2009

Media Inquiries: Michael Herndon,, 301-796-4673 Consumer Inquiries: 888-INFO-FDA

FDA Opens the Reportable Food Registry Electronic Portal for Industry Food facilities now required to report potentially dangerous products 

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has a new way to head off potential cases of foodborne illness – the Reportable Food Registry (RFR), where food industry officials must use to alert the FDA quickly, through an electronic portal when they find their products might sicken or kill people or animals. The requirement, a result of legislation, took effect with the launch of the portal….

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Guidance for Industry:
Food Producers, Processors, and Transporters: Food Security Preventive Measures Guidance

FDA Guidance document:

Food Defense:
Resources for developing a food defense plan and employee training:  (Resource for allergen labeling, risk assessment, Under “Industry and Regulators” Food Defense, Security Guidance)

FDA Food Safety Modernization Act – FSMA Facts: Sprouts
The proposed rule identifies routes of microbial contamination of produce and sets requirements to prevent or reduce the introduction of pathogens.

US FSMA  Produce Safety Rule — Published November 2015
The link to the newly published US FSMA produce safety rule can be found HERE.
The section that pertains to sprouts can be found in Subpart  M on page 530.