“Sprouts are highly bio-active baby vegetables. They are rich sources of enzymes and living nutrients that are easily digestible. And they are real local agriculture. Food doesn’t get any fresher than this unless you grow it yourself.” — said Mr. Meyerowitz. Sprouts contain super-concentrated levels of natural plant compounds and nutrients that promote health and protect against disease — sometimes up to 50 times more than those of full-grown vegetables. The broad range of health benefits that come from eating sprouts include:

Incorporating sprouts into your diet helps combat diabetes and obesity, because sprouts are low in calories and fat

Alfalfa sprouts contain “saponins” – organic compounds that lower bad LDL cholesterol and stimulate the immune system

Nutrients, enzymes, and plant compounds in sprouts can help combat coronary artery disease

Green leafy sprouts contain high levels of anti-oxidants that enhance protection against the effects of aging

Phytoestrogens in alfalfa, clover, and soy sprouts increased bone density in studies

Broccoli sprouts produce the anti-tumor enzyme sulforaphane in levels 50 times higher than in the mature vegetable

Sprouts hold great promise to help prevent, slow and reverse many forms of cancer

The range of health benefits that come from the nutrients and other natural plant compounds in sprouts are just beginning to be understood. Eating sprouts regularly can lead to better health and wellness, and increased longevity. In addition to being good for your body, sprouts are delicious and easy to incorporate into any type of diet. There are hundreds of ways to include sprouts in your diet, and consumers and chefs are inventing more ways to enjoy sprouts every day.