Yield: 10 portions / 2 ½ oz each

Mung Bean Sprout Ahi Poke*

1 lbs Ahi (Tuna), medium Dice
1 ½ oz Ogo (Seaweed), chopped
2 oz Sweet Maui Onion
1 oz Scallions, sliced thin
5 oz Mung Bean Sprouts
Hawaiian or Kosher Sea Salt, to taste

Mix all the ingredients together and serve.
Add Wasabi Aïoli (see below) and Spiced Kabayaki Sauce (see below) to taste.

*Notes: Poke (Pronounced “po-keh”) – Raw fish Salad

Wasabi Aïoli

2 Tbsp Wasabi
2 Tbsp Water
½ Cup Mayonnaise
0.5 tsp Garlic, puree
Cream, as needed
Salt, to taste

1. Mix wasabi and water to form a paste.
2. Add mayonnaise and garlic and mix until smooth with no lumps.
3. Add cream to desired consistency.
4. Season with salt and serve.

Spiced Kabayaki Sauce

¼ Cup Soy Sauce
1 Tbsp Sugar
4 oz Mirin (See note below)
¼ tsp Shichimi Togarashi (See note below)
¼ tsp Sansho Pepper, dried (See note below)

1. Combine all ingredients in a saucepot and reduce to ½ cup.

Mirin is a sweet rice wine used in Japanese cooking. It doesn’t just flavor food. The sweetness also gives luster to sauces and glazes and can help them cling to food. If you don’t have mirin, there are many common suggestions for substitutions. Use dry sherry or sweet marsala. or dissolve a small amount of sugar in a little white wine or sherry, (¼ teaspoon of sugar to ¼ cup wine).

Togarashi – Do NOT substitute Chinese 5 spice for Shichimi togarashi. It is completely different. Here’s the ingredients for Shichimi togarashi:  coarsely ground red chili pepper (the main ingredient), ground sansho (Sichuan peppercorns), roasted orange peel, black sesame seed, white sesame seed, hemp seed, ground ginger. In a pinch, you can get by with red pepper flakes, ground black pepper (just a little. Sichuan peppercorns aren’t actually peppercorns, but they’re similar), and sesame seeds as a substitution.

SANSHO, also known as Japanese pepper. A seasoning made from the prickly ash tree and used in Japanese cooking. The flavor is not hot but rather tangy with lemon aromas. If you don’t have it substitute 1 tsp (5 ML) sansho with: • 1 tsp (5 ML) Szechuan pepper,or • 1 tsp (5 ML) lemon pepper seasoning, or • ½ tsp (2 ML) black pepper + ½ tsp (2 ML)lemon zest