12 x 10” Rice Paper
60 g approx. Sunflower Greens
50 g approx. Pea Shoots
1/4 Lb. Bean Sprouts
225 g Mixed Bean Sprouts
1 Red or Green Pepper cut thinly
1 package Rice Vermicelli cooked
Peanut or Hot Chili Sauce for dipping

Optional Ingredients:
Carrots julienned, Garlic or Deli Sprouts

1. In a large bowl of warm water, carefully place 1 round of rice Paper in the water. Let soak for 1 minute, remove and lay on a dry tea towel.
2. In the centre of the rice paper place rice noodles and a small amount of the other ingredients.
3. Roll up starting with the bottom then the sides. Keep it firm but not too tight.
4. Repeat until rice paper is used up. Serve cold with dipping sauce on the side.

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